VP thanks PoP Family – WSHS Competition Sep 16, 2017

I just wanted to take a moment and thank ALL the parents that made the magic happen today.  Today marked the first competition of marching band season.  The band members have been working VERY hard to get ready for today.  They were nervous but were AMAZING!

This year there are a lot of moving parts to the show.  We have a full front ensemble and props, and all of this needs to be moved from Point A to Point B with no hiccups. Today was our first run and I would like to say it went good but it takes a VILLAGE to do this and we couldn’t do it without the Pit Crew.

I wanted to give a shout out to the parents that helped out on the Pit Crew.  As Christy, our Treasurer, told you on the field “YOU ROCK”!!!!!  There is ABSOLUTELY no way we can do any of this without that help.  No way at all.

Remember Pit Crew members normally help load and unload equipment at the school and competition site, help the band members set it up, return it to the school, and then their job is done.  If you could spare a few hours, it’s so worth it!

To those who were able to chaperone September 16th, THANK YOU!  Woodbridge is a tough show to chaperone (I say this from experience).  We usually play right smack in the middle of the day.  The band warm up area is a hike from the stadium and once we are done we sit and wait for awards. And it is ALWAYS HOT!!!  You all are troopers for sitting it out!

Pride of Potomac Marching Panthers came in FIRST PLACE overall in their class!!  What a way to start the season!!! 

So here’s to an awesome season!  If you can help, we always need it.  We need Pit Crew members, Chaperones and Drivers to pull the trailers (we have 3 this year).  Keep an eye out for the SignUp Genius this week.  Next week’s show is the Hot Rod Classic at Hylton High School.  We will send out the itinerary as soon as we have it.

These kids amaze us everyday.  They put so much into a show to make it perfect.  Great job guys!!!  We are so proud of you!!!

Have a great weekend!  We hope to see you all next week at Hylton High School.

Amy Walck
Vice President
Pride of Potomac Band Boosters


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