Volunteer Opportunities

The Pride of Potomac Marching Panthers is a 16 year Virginia Honor Band. Our organization relies on volunteer support from parents, family and friends to operate its programs at a superior level.

Parents are required to volunteer for a minimum of four events and activities throughout each season. The following volunteer opportunities are critical to our program.
The following individuals provide invaluable support to the organization. Each of these coordinator positions fulfills all four requirements for the season.

  • Pit Crew Coordinator – Doug Hudgins
  • Seamstress – position available
  • Game Chaperone Coordinator – position available
  • Competition Chaperone Coordinator – position available
  • Fundraiser Coordinator – (3) positions available

In addition, volunteers are needed for the following:

  • Tag Day Drivers – 25-30 drivers needed! This is our most important fundraiser
  • Football Game Chaperone – 2-3 chaperones needed for each game
  • Saturday Competition Chaperone – 4 chaperones needed for each competition
  • Pit Crew – 5-6 crew needed for for each home game and competitions

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